Product Info

Care Instructions:


All products are machine washable in cold water.  We recommend turning garments inside out when washing and hanging to dry to preserve fabric.  All Mesh and Net products should be washed in a gentle cycle.  Do not Bleach and Do not Iron.


Fabric Definitions:


SUPPLEX® is a product by INVISTA. It offers the feel of cotton, soft smooth touch, and Nylon’s high strength and durability.  Supplex® was developed to have the benefits of cotton, without the pitfalls.  Supplex® fabrics are anti-abrasion, breathable, holds shape, anti-tear, waterproof, dries fast, retains colour and can be UV protective. When combined with Lycra fibre, Supplex® can bring comfort, fit and freedom of movement, making it suitable for active wear for Yoga, Ballet, and Gymnastic.


LYCRA® is a proprietary production of a synthetic elastic fibres by INVISTA, free to stretch four to seven times and quickly return to its original length after release.  It does not change the appearance of the fabric, but the unique character can greatly improve the performance of the combined fabric.  Lycra’s ® directional elasticity provides maximum comfort and freedom of movement.  Adding Lycra ® sportswear and others products will offer comforting fit, stretch and mobility.  In most cases it improves draping and crease recovery, giving combined fabrics new vitality.


Cire is a lustrous patent leather effect produced on fabric surfaces. Its name is derived from the French verb cire, meaning to wax and polish.

Polyamide is a product of Nylon. Nylon is light-weight, but at the same time, a strong fabric. The fibres that are used to make nylon are smooth and non-absorbent, meaning anything that is made up of nylon dries up easily and quickly. Nylon is also dirt resistant and is not affected by any chemicals or sweat.


Return Policy


Monark Effect wants to ensure everyone is happy and satisfied with their purchase, but for any reason should you have any issues, we will gladly return or exchange within 15 business days from delivery.


Please note – All items discounted at 40% or more are FINAL SALE.


How to Return


To complete a return or exchange all tags must remain attached and the garment should not be worn or washed. Garments that look altered or laundered will not be returned or exchanged. Send us an email at monarkeffect@gmail.com to request a return or exchange authorization code.


Please let us know why you are returning the item so we can strive to improve our offerings and services.  When your request is approved you will be provided with a RA code and instructions to return the product.  You will be responsible for return shipping the product once you have received the RA code.


Please allow 2-3 weeks for the return to be processed.

No Refunds on shipping and handling charges. Refunds and Exchanges are at your expense.